Use the prices endpoint to retrieve a list of MSP prices and CPO ad hoc prices. The prices are considered at the connector level.

The pricing_id from the locations endpoint's response corresponds with the prices module.



Before retrieving the prices, ensure you downloaded the latest Locations data. Eco-Movement recommends that you retrieve all the prices once a day or week. Download the prices data during CET working hours. Outside of these working hours, it is likely that there can be updates impacting the pricing_id attribute.


See prices and prices/{id} to know more about the parameters that are used with the two versions of the prices endpoint.


The following is a sample response for the prices endpoint:

    data: [ 
        { pricelist
                { element 1 
                { element 2



Eco-Movement always upholds the API contract, but we may send new attributes in our JSON response when:

  • we add an OCPI mandatory attribute to the JSON response to be OCPI compliant
  • we improve your licensing module with new features

Hence, we strongly recommend that you handle or ignore unknown JSON fields.

Response Definitions

The following are the attributes for the prices endpoint:

data.idThe unique id for a price.

Note: It is created by Eco-Movement and is refreshed whenever a price or product associated with that particular id is updated.
data.price_list.partnerThe owner of the payment product.
data.price_list.product.nameThe name of the product.
data.price_list.product.descriptionA brief description about the product.
data.price_list.product.subscription_typeIndicates the type of subscription. The possible values are:

- month: A subscription fee is applicable every month.
- yearly: A subscription fee is applicable every year.
- one-off: An initial fee is applicable to purchase a RFID card or chip, but there isn't a recurring subscription fee.
- n/a: The product doesn't have a subscription option.
data.price_list.product.subscription_fee_excl_vatThe subscription price for a month or year, excluding VAT. (if applicable)
data.price_list.product.currencyThe three digit currency code of the country where the charging station is located.
data.price_list.elements.typeThe type of pricing that is applicable. The available pricing types are:

- ENERGY: The price per kWh.

- FLAT: The fixed price per charging session.

- PARKING_TIME: The parking price per hour. This fee is applicable even if the parked car is not charging.

- TIME: The fixed price per hour.
data.price_list.elements.price_excl_vatThe applicable price excluding vat.
data.price_list.elements.vatThe applicable VAT.



Use the "Try It!" button in prices and prices/{id} to view an actual response from our API.