Use the credentials endpoint to perform a so-called handshake between Eco-Movement and your organization.

The fastest and preferred method to receive real-time data from Eco-Movement is to use the PATCH method. Eco-Movement sends the updates to your server without delay using the PATCH method. For this method to work, you are required to build an endpoint that can receive PATCH updates. After building this endpoint, you can send a POST message to the credentials module of Eco-Movement. In this way, Eco-Movement knows where to send the PATCH messages.

After Eco-Movement receives the POST message, a message containing a new Token is sent to create the so-called "handshake" between Eco-Movement and your organization. From this moment, Eco-Movement sends PATCH updates automatically to the endpoint. Depending on the number of locations that you receive, the PATCH updates can amount to a few dozen updates per second.

See credentials to know more about the parameters that are used with the credentials endpoint.

The steps to perform a handshake successfully are described below as a recipe.



If you want to perform a handshake, contact your Eco-Movement representative.



We also support OAuth 2.0 protocol for authorization. Your Eco-Movement representative can help set it up during the handshake.