Use the evse endpoint to retrieve a location using the evse_id parameter.


The request for the evse endpoint contains a path parameter.

See evse to know more about the parameter that is used with the evse endpoint.


The following is a sample response for the evse endpoint:

    data: [ 
        { location 
                { EVSE 1 
                    [{ connnector 1 },{ connector 2 }]},
                { EVSE 2 

The response for the evse endpoint consists of main objects and attributes that are identical to the locations endpoint's main objects and attributes. See Locations for the list of main objects and attributes.



Use the "Try It!" button in evse to use the evse endpoint and view an actual response from our API.



Eco-Movement always upholds the API contract, but we may send new attributes in our JSON response when:

  • we add an OCPI mandatory attribute to the JSON response to be OCPI compliant
  • we improve your licensing module with new features

Hence, we strongly recommend that you handle or ignore unknown JSON fields.